Secondary School: Senior Cycle» Physics

Project Type:

Sound simulations on the web such as Physics Educational Technology (Phet) provide powerful learning tools. Applets can illustrate particular features very effectively. Sound files can be manipulated on the internet. Sound processors and audio editors such as Audacity can be used in experimental work including the measurement of the speed of sound. Calculator based measurement tools can allow for whole class explorations in sound. Screen recordings and Captivate interactives and can be used to demonstrate the use of these tools. All these are knitted together with a view to the promotion of investigative science and the emphasis of curricular links between physics and music.

Curiculum Addressed

Physics Leaving Cert with some relevance to Transition Year and Junior Science.


To present and make accessible in as simple a way as possible an amalgam of various ICT tools useful in teaching and learning in the topic of sound. To use ICT to make access to the tools as simple and transparent as possible. To promote investigative science at Leaving Cert level.

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