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This resource provides teachers with a framework for hands on scientific investigations. The resource consists of a series of science lessons; each lesson has been divided up into different stages. The first stage involves some stimulus questions that get the students thinking along the right lines and communicating with each other. Stage 2 is centred on an experiment, the children are asked for their predictions beforehand as to what they think might happen and after this they work on the experiment in groups. Stage 3 involves a compare and contrast discussion where the students compare their findings with their predictions from stage 2. The lesson is concluded by discussing what we’ve learned today. Each experiment has been digitally recorded and uploaded to the website.

Curriculum Addressed

Strand(s): - living things, energy & forces, materials

Strand Unit(s): - Heat, materials & change, plant & animal life.

Learning Objectives

To facilitate the children so that they ask questions that will help them problem solve, draw conclusions and interpret information.
Design plan and carry out simple science experiments.
Explore a range of everyday scientific occurrences and discuss how and why these things happen.
To enable the children to work like a scientist and to appreciate the importance of the work they do.
To provide a platform for collaborative scientific learning.

  • Client Name: Pat Butler
  • Project URL:
  • Skills Needed: Digital camera or camcorder, tripod stand (optional), digital sound recorder. Science materials detailed in each of the experiments.
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