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The website is a number of things.  Firstly it is an online resource where relevant information on Leaving Cert. Physics can be stored and viewed.  Students and teachers have access to additional information on certain topics which may not appear in textbooks.  Much of this information provides a context (often historical) for some of the topics studied in class. The website also provides an opportunity for students to test themselves on different sections in Physics by means of multiple choice quizzes and crosswords.  From these students can identify areas where they may be weak and need to spend more time studying. The ‘site also provides links to relevant websites especially those that contain applets or simulations.  Teachers can use these in class or students can access them in their own time at home.  These sites are useful sites for L.C. Physics.  This saves times teachers and students from having to carry out web searches for same. There are also pages in the ‘site on Higher Order Questions.  These can be used by teachers as topics for discussion at the end of each section studied.  In order to answer these questions students have to apply the knowledge that they have already learned in class but in a new and different context.There are links to PowerPoint presentations that can be used by teachers or by students for revision purposes.

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Senior Cycle Physics

  • Client Name: Enda Feeney
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