Photographic Archive of Carlow Area

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This unit provides children and teachers alike with digital photographs of areas of historical importance in the Carlow area. This project is an invaluable resource not only for history projects but also for field trips. These trips could involve parents also. The resources within this site are to be used within projects with a strong local history element. This is an open ended resource to be used in local history projects. It should also prompt teachers, pupils and parents to go and visit these truly amazing historical sites. Some of these sites are among the hidden gems of Ireland. It is certainly well worth your while to actually go and visit these historical sites. Mere photographs cannot do justice to the true beauty and magical quality of these wondrous places.

Curriculum Addressed

This project allows students to develop their own local history projects. This site also encourages the students to go and visit these local historical sites. The site is important in making students aware of the real history in their local area. ​

  • Client Name: John Farrell
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  • Skills Needed: You need a PC running Windows XP, which is ideal for viewing the downloaded images. You will also need a good broadband connection as some of the images are quite large. The images can be used in local history projects. The site can also be used to encourage parents, children and teachers to go and visit the sites listed in this project.
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