Junior Science Pressure

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Project Type:

This site was designed to provide a range of resources which students should find attractive and teachers useful in the topic of pressure at junior science level. A number of investigations are described but users are encouraged to do their own. Extensive background material and references should suggest avenues for exploration. Several simple experiments which could be done at home or in school are depicted but again the user is encouraged to perform these themselves. Datalogging methods are described in detail but the user is encouraged to develop their familiarity with the tools so detailed instructions should no longer be necessary. Graphing is addressed with graphing aids and the provision of real data for practise in graphing. Example graphs are also provided for interpretative exercises. By providing interactive crosswords, cloze tests, quizzes, jigsaws and matching exercises it is hoped to draw in students who might otherwise be disengaged from science.

Suitable for

Students should be Junior Cycle or Transition Year.

Curriculum Addressed

All areas in the topic of pressure at junior science level are covered. There is also reference to cross topic issues in graphing, datalogging, whole class experiments, multiple intelligences and variable aptitudes.

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