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The project presents a number of activities, resources and suggestions to support the use of an Interactive White Board in the classroom. Four subject areas are addressed, English, Gaeilge, Maths and SESE. All of the examples, suggestions and work are in practice in class.

Curriculum Addressed
Maths – Fraction, Angles & Lines.
SESE - Using datalogging software for science & Google Earth for Geography and history
Gaeilge – Ag baint usáid as ICT chun cuidiú le Léitheoireacht
English – Generating multiple-choice quizzes and drag and drop exercises to assist comprehension.

  • Client Name: John Rust
  • Project URL:
  • Skills Needed: The various examples presented throughout the project require software applications, data logging equipment, digital camera, PC and IWB. Each requirement is detailed within the project pages.
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