Gospel Webquest

Gospel Webquest

Secondary School: Junior Cycle» Religion

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This WebQuest focuses on Section B of the Junior Certificate Syllabus, objective 3 on sources of information about Jesus of Nazareth and the development of the gospels. In this website pupils work in groups on composing a set of multiple-choice quiz questions on the origin and writing of the Synoptic Gospels. This is done by clicking onto selected internet links with appropriate content. This research activity is then followed up by the quiz being conducted in class. The value of this website is that it enhances motivation and interest in this topic and enables the student to model the sense of discovery experienced by scripture scholars. The website also shows the students that research and knowledge on this topic are not confined to the textbook and it offers further possibilities for research. The unit requires 3-5 40-minute lesson periods.

Curriculum Addressed

The evangelists as people of faith; how the gospels came to be written; Different perspectives in the gospels - some examples from the writings of the evangelists. Key concepts (from the NCCA Syllabus) - evidence from written tradition - gospel - evangelist - witness - synoptic. This WebQuest is designed to meet objective 3 (content section 4 and 5) of section B.

  • Client Name: Fiona Williams
  • Project URL: http://resources.teachnet.ie/fwilliams/gospels/
  • Skills Needed: Live internet access- Minimum of 5-6 computers. This project has been designed for group work. It has been used successfully with groups of four students, each pair sharing one computer. Class time required: 4-5 single lesson periods with 1 for follow up work.
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