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This website covers in detail the curriculum content of Density and Floatation for Junior Certificate Science. Practical experiments to explore density are a main feature of this website. A variety of experiments using everyday materials are included. The 3 mandatory Junior Certificate Science experiments are presented in step by step video format. Links are provided to a virtual lab providing a virtual setting with a high level of interactivity for students to carry out experiments and short fun videos provide means of simple explorations and different concepts of density. Powerpoint slides explain the theory and calculation of density and a variety of online assessments provide testing facilities.

Curriculum Addressed

Junior Science - Objectives re-density  OP2: Measure mass and volume of a variety of a variety of solids and liquids and hence determine their densities  OP3: Investigate flotation for a variety of solids and liquids in water and other liquids, and relate the results of this investigation to their densities\r\n\r\nCarry out three mandatory experiments –  1.Measure density of regular solid,  2.Measure density of irregular solid  3. Measure density of liquid This resource aims to use ICT in a variety of ways to help achieve the above objectives.

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