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This creative dance resource should not be seen as a simple copy and learn activity but contains strategies and suggestions as to how the learned material may be manipulated, adapted, recombined and developed in ways that involve real creativity on the part of the pupils. Suggestions as to how the material might be combined with pupil generated material are provided. There is potential for a unit of work using the material in different combinations ie. If each of the nine phrases is named A to I, then mathematically the combination possibilities are great ABC, ABD, ABE etc. 504 in total. Frequently repeated use of such a device should be avoided as the constant learning and combining of such a limited amount of material would inevitably lead to boredom. However, as highlighted in the ICT framework section there is great potential for the resource to provide opportunities for recording and presenting finished material.

Curriculum Addressed

Subject: Physical Education

Strand: Dance

Strand Unit: Exploration, creation and performance of dance.

Class Level: 3rd to 6th

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  • Client Name: Ciarán Gray
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  • Skills Needed: Desktop/Laptop; Data projector/Interactive whiteboard (optional). Web browser, preferably with tabs browsing enabled. Flash Player, Quicktime/Windows Media
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