A Visit to Ballina, Co. Mayo

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It might not be always feasible to take children on field trips but many children do not know what lies around them in their own community. This website allows teachers in the Ballina area to cover the Geography strand "People living and working in the local area" or teachers in any part of Ireland to cover the strand "People living and working in a contrasting part of Ireland". This unit is suitable for 3rd - 6th class but may be adapted for other class groups. This unit can be taught at different times over the year (by using each sub-unit as a different topic) as or as one unit based on the town of Ballina. There is also a teacher's page with information on using the resource in a class.

Curriculum Addressed

Subject: SESE Geography

Strand: Human Environments

Strand Unit: People living and working in the local area People living and working in a contrasting part of Ireland

Sub-units: People and communities, Natural environmental features and people, Settlement and other buildings, People at work, Transport and Communication. The project looks at the town of Ballina under each of the above. It deals with the objectives from the 3rd & 4th, 5th & 6th class Geography curriculum.

Visit Resource

  • Client Name: Emma Hallinan
  • Project URL: http://resources.teachnet.ie/ehallinan/
  • Skills Needed: Minimal equipment is required for this resource. It is suitable to be used as a whole class-teaching lesson using a digital projector. Suitable for children working in groups as part of a project. The pictures can be downloaded, printed and laminated and used as a picture pack.
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