Reply To: Module 2 – The Moon, the Earth and the Sun

Ciara Evans

    Activity: The Sun and the Shadows

    The Human Sun Dial:

    Ensure you have sufficient time to visit the school yard three times without other classes there. Pair up students- shadow maker and shadow finder.

    Start in the morning- Prior to the lesson draw out enough boxes for the shadow makers to stand in with their names.

    Using the chalk, have the Shadow Finder outline the shadow of the Shadow Maker. Write the time of day it was made.

    Repeat the shadow tracing at least twice more it is important that all your data iis recorded n a notebook.


    The same can be done within the classroom using a small object. again using a sticker, place the object on the sticker . three times during the day mark where the shadow of the object is. Post experiment, speak with students and ask them is their a pattern. Ask them what they think would happen tomorrow if they did the same experiment.

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