Reply To: Module 5 – Rockets & Alien Chemistry

Sinead Devlin

    I think when it comes to planning different weeks in school, school calendars can become full very quickly. This is leading schools to choosing certain weeks to mark. The activities suggested for space week in the resources folder make preparing and planning the week very achievable. See a copy of some suggested activities below. These activities include inquiry approach aswell as using digital learning. The space week can also been linked to STEM and maths week in the month of October.



    Activity Suggestions:

    Art activity based on “Warm as the Sun, Cold as the Moon” or their own Starry, Starry Night picture based on Van Gogh’s art. Use the children’s handprints to make aliens, sticking on googly eyes to each finger!! Write a postcard from Space. Rocket making competition. Table quiz based on Space/Moon/Planets. How does light in the playground change over the day? Present their finding on charts and graphs. Astronaut Dressing up race with helmets and wellies. Drama and Dance based on sunlight travelling to Earth. Space Cinema: Watch a movie with the theme of space (Wall-E, Space Chimps, Fly me to the Moon, Space Buddies). Short films from the Literacy Shed:—fi-shed.html. Creating our own constellation creatures and writing their stories.

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