Reply To: Module 2 – The Moon, the Earth and the Sun

Eleanor Mccaffrey

    Topic the Moon

    Usually Do this topic in November in aistear  learning lots of fascinating facts about Space before we went into our Aistear Stations – so interesting and lots of fun and laughter

    We say this poem in our  morning meeting daily and by the end of the month they children can quote wee lines back —The Moon by  Robert Louis Stevenson – love the line
    The moon has a face like the clock in the hall; leads us into theme of time and sequencing our day
    In literacy we use the poem to work on rhyming words and also pick a word like moon and discuss “oo” sound

    We watch the  first moon landing on the interactive white board and the children dress up like astronauts and jump on the trampoline to try and imagine how you move in space / go to the toilet / brush their hair and teeth write  and  eat – great for developing motor skills- we even do a moon dance like neil and buzz and we get some great dance moves
    In Role Play area we had the opportunity to take on the role of an astronaut in The Space Ship.We made space ships from Lego and we drew what we think them looks like and during shared  writing we wrote our own MOON poem- Using play dough we  designed our own moon and astronauts and space ships

    An intriguing interesting topic with lots of cross curricular learning

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