Reply To: Module 2 – The Moon, the Earth and the Sun

Emma O Connor

    Here are some learning stations focused on the topic: The Moon

    1.      Reading Station:

    Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown,

    Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me by Eric Carle,

    Moonbear’s Shadow by Frank Asch.

    Man on the Moon by Simon Bartram

    The Darkest Dak by Chris Hadfield

    Someone on this forum also reminded me of the book Whatever Next by Jill Murphy

    I would also add some non fiction books to the library.


    2.      Gravity Experiment: Provide small balls and a ramp to show how gravity affects objects differently. Explain that gravity on the moon is weaker than on Earth. –

    3.      Sensory Station: Moon Sand:Create “moon sand” using flour and baby oil.


    4.      Dramatic Play Station-Astronaut Dress-Up


    5.      Technology Station- Bee Bots, I saw this mentioned in Module 1 forum, printed map of the moon- get to the crator, get to the moon buggy, get to the rocket etc. Programme the Bee Bots


    6.       Music and Movement Station:Teach and sing songs about the moon. ‘Hey Diddle Diddle’, ‘The Man in The Moon; The Use instruments for a musical experience. Play space-themed music and let children pretend to be astronauts moving in low gravity.


    I would also encourage children to record their observations of the moon over a week and we could record this. It would also open up discussions about the weather.

    These stations will allow children to explore various aspects of the moon through hands-on activities, fostering a deeper understanding and curiosity about space.

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