Reply To: Module 5 – Rockets & Alien Chemistry

Sarah Breen

    Space Week ideas for the Junior classes using Aistear

    Small world Area: Using the sand Pit area, Place foam balls to resemble planets, lego figurines of astronauts in the sand. Use tinfoil and pebbles to add different textures to the sand.

    Arts and Crafts Area: Paint foam shapes to resemble planets, Making rocket ships our of foam pieces, Make a picture which is half day/half night.

    Use playdoh to make a 3d Martian

    Role Play area. Dressing as an astronaut/Walking on the moon for the first time Meeting an alien for the first time etc

    Literacy Area: Using adjectives to describe a martian from their own imagination

    Sending postcards to the martians, Making a passport to travel to Space

    The older classes like first and second could do simple procedural writing to inform the martians how to do everyday activities such as getting a bowl of cereal or making a cup of tea.

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