Reply To: Module 2 – The Moon, the Earth and the Sun

Corinna Carolan

    Module 2

    The activity I think I would choose would be The Sun & Shadows.  I like the way this activity was carried out in the video – start with a discussion to ascertain what the children already know about shadows and how they are created.  Follow with story, Moonbear’s Shadow by Frank Ashe.  As the educator showed I would draw the children attention to size of shadow, position of sun etc in the pictures.  After reading and discussing story I would have children make models of Moonbear, fish & pond.  When this is complete children will experiment using a torch as the sun and create shadows with Moonbear.  We will then go out onto yard at intervals during the day when it is sunny and observe our shadows, position of sun etc.  Children can record what they have learned about shadows thro simple sentences and pictures.

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