Reply To: Module 3 – Stars, Space and Aliens

Katie-Jo O’Grady

    Topic – Aliens – What to martians look like?

    I really like the idea of children creating and visualising their idea of what a martian would look like using clay.
    We would begin with looking in mirrors and passing it around the circle. We would discuss how we are all human however we have different physical features or eye/hair colour.

    We would discuss shape – and revise 3D shapes n particular. I would display different 3D shapes at the top of the room and the children would then draw their idea of a martian on paper.
    Following this they would then design and make their martians using the clay ensuring to adopt as many 3D shapes into their design as possible.
    When complete our martians we would sort them, by size, by use of shape, number of eyes/arms etc
    Finally we could make a whole class pictogram displaying the number of different 3D shapes we used in our creations. Discuss the most/least popular shape used.

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