Reply To: Module 5 – Rockets & Alien Chemistry

Stephanie Mc Cann

    Activity: Rocket Mice

    Start with a simple discussion about rockets. Ask questions like, “Have you ever seen a rocket? What do you think makes a rocket go up? Show the class a short video of rockets launching to get the children excited about the activity. Read a storybook related to rockets or space travel, such as “Roaring Rockets” by Tony Mitton and Ant Parker. After reading, discuss the story. Ask questions about what happened in the story and what the children found exciting.
    Then introduce the main activity to the class ‘Rocket Mice’, teacher to demonstrate how to make the ‘Rocket Mice’ fly-how to place the rocket mouse on the bottle, then press the bottle quickly to launch the mouse.. Children would create their mouse by using the template and then each child or group would be provided with a plastic bottle, that would have been previously collected prior to the activity. Explain how pressing the bottle quickly will force air out and launch the rocket mouse. Bring class to an area for the rocket launches, maybe the PE Hall which would have plenty of room for children to launch their rockets.
    Demonstrate Let each child take turns launching their rocket mouse. Encourage the children to try pressing the bottle with different amounts of force to see how it affects the launch.

    It is such a fun and simple activity to demonstrate that is hands on an encourages children to explore the effects of air pressure and force.

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