Reply To: Module 5 – Rockets & Alien Chemistry

Muireann McCarthy

    I would like to pick the Activity Set: Rockets.
    I would start the lesson by introducing the theme of ‘Rockets’ with a picture. Ask the children questions such as what do they see? Elicit from the children anything they know about rockets.
    Read the story to the children- “Aliens in Underpants, Save the World” by Claire Freedman.
    Discuss with the children that we are going to make our own rocket.
    Experiment: “Balloon Rocket”.
    Blow up a balloon and close it with a peg. Tape a straw to it and thread a piece of string through the straw. Get an adult to tie one end and as high as possible and hold the other on the ground. I will ask the children to predict what will happen. Release the peg and watch your balloon life off.
    Free writing/ imaginative stories: Use your imaginative stories about adventures in space- what happened when you landed on the purple planet? What happened when the engine stopped working?

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