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Muireann McCarthy

    I would like to do weather as a theme in my class for a fortnight.
    There are lots of activities that could be integrated into this theme.
    First, I would discuss all the different types of weather that the children know of. Discuss the elements of weather- wind, ice, rain, snow, sunny etc.
    I will ask the children to record the weather for the fortnight. They will record this on a sheet with pictures.
    The children will become aware of some of the effects of the weather on humans, animals and plants. We will do this through pictures/ videos and growing plants in the classroom. Seeds need warmth, moisture and oxygen in order to germinate. The connection between a seed and a plant- seeds are alive. Experimenting with them- putting them in different positions in the classroom to see what place provides best what they need.
    Discuss the differences between living in a hot/ cold place- the penguin and the polar bear and how they keep warm etc.
    Observing the wind turbines in our area and their purpose.
    Aistear: dress up role play- dress for cold weather/ dress for warm weather. Clothes shop. Role play the weather forecast.
    Art: Make pin wheels- gauge the wind, rain gauge, streamers to show the direction of the wind.

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