Reply To: Module 5 – Rockets & Alien Chemistry

Sarah Harrington

    Activity- The activity that I have decided I would like to use in my classroom is: ‘A journey into Space’.

    To introduce the lesson about space I would put a photograph of outer space on the interactive whiteboard. I would open up the topic by questioning the children to encourage thinking and discussion around space, e.g. What do you think it’s like in outer space? How would we get there? How could we explore other planets?

    For the main lesson I would then tell the children that we are going to create and investigate our own rockets. We would make rockets from a variety of materials e.g. paper rocket, foam rocket. We would investigate how they move e.g. force. How does the force affect how far the rocket will go? How does angle of launch affect how far the rocket goes. Find a large indoor space and practice launching foam rockets. throwing around the area.

    Conclusion: To conclude the lesson, we would discuss what happened asking questions such as, did anything unexpected happen? Did any of the rockets/objects go up in the air? Did any of your rockets stay in the air or did they come back to the ground?

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