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Rachel Byrne

    As a Junior Infant teacher I think hands on themed activities are a must in the infant classrooms across the country. In our school, we ensure that we chose a theme each month to explore with the children. For example, ‘The Weather station’, ‘The Science Lab’, ‘Space’ etc., We thematically plan our subjects to incorporate this theme into our lessons for the month. Thus, from exploring the online resources and tools from module 4 I have gained and explored a number of activities and resources/websites that will enhance my thematic planning for the year going forward. When focusing on the theme ‘The Weather station’ in our classroom we look at the various types of clothes we wear during each season by using real everyday life clothes that the children already wear (to elicit prior knowledge/learn from own personal experience). Various types of clothing (that the children bring in) are displayed around the classroom and each group must find their appropriate type of clothing for the season they are exploring (i.e. the foxes are exploring the theme of ‘Summer’ they must find clothes suitable to wear in the summer). As we can sometimes wear the same type of clothes in various seasons, it is up to the children to explore and pose wonder as to why we may need a jumper sometimes in spring/summer. We then explore/discuss with why we wear these clothes and reflect and consolidate our learning by drawing a portrait of ourselves with clothes that we love to wear during a season we enjoy throughout the year (these portraits are then displayed in the classroom which also incorporates the theme of ‘myself in SPHE.

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