Reply To: Module 1 – The Curious Minds/ESERO Framework

Emma O Connor

    My name is Emma, I will be teaching infants this year.

    My favourite fact about space is that every day, several tonnes of material falls to Earth from space and every time you’re outside, you stand a chance of catching some of this space dust in your hair. It’s highly likely you’ve already caught some and later washed it out without knowing it.


    I would start with a story that incorporates push and pull, such as “The Little Red Hen” or ‘The Enormous Turnip a simple book about motion. We would discuss if they have ever pushed or pulled something. What was it? How did it move? I would record their answers.
    As I am in infants I would use exploration Stations. I often like to use the morning time and I rotate me groups so they try one station each day. It also gives me time to really hone in, focus on a group, focus their learning by using the trigger questions and give me time to listen to their answers and their understanding.
    Station 1: Toy Car Races. Encourage children to push the cars down the ramps. Ask them to observe how the cars move.
    Station 2: Tug-of-War • Use a sturdy piece of string for a gentle tug-of-war game. Discuss the differences in movement when one person pulls harder than the other.
    Station 3: Magnetic Push and Pull •
    Let children explore how magnets can push and pull objects without touching them. Ask questions like, “What happens when you bring two magnets close together?” and “How do they move?”

    •Station 4: Water or Sand Play. Encourage children to push and pull the objects through the water or sand. Discuss how water or sand creates resistance and affects movement.
    Gather the children and discuss what they observed at each station. Ask open-ended questions such as, “What was easy to push?” “What was hard to pull?” “Why do you think some objects moved faster than others?”
    Encourage children to explain their thinking and make predictions about different objects.
    Children could to draw their favourite push or pull activity from the weekly activites on Friday and I would read one of the stories I mentioned initially.



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