Reply To: Module 5 – Rockets & Alien Chemistry

Dolores Mc Monagle

    Module 5 Assignment:
    Activity: Rocket Balloon
    To introduce the topic of rockets I would ask the children what they know, what they would like to learn and to be thinking of items to use for making a rocket of their own!
    They will make predictions on how a rocket might fly and then they will watch a YouTube Kids video called How Does a Rocket Fly?
    They will work in groups to discuss what they learned in the video and there will be a class discussion afterwards.
    We will then discuss making a rocket and they will share ideas and new words/vocabulary with the rest of the class.
    We will make a rocket balloon using a balloon, a straw, string, scissors, sellotape, two anchor points to tie the string to.
    The children will take turns experimenting with and conducting the investigations. They will discuss taking their experiment to the next step by discussing
    • How far does your balloon rocket travel?
    • What happens if you change the string to wool, thread or other material?
    • Could you use this balloon power to create something else? Create a string track for several balloons and hold a balloon rocket competition.
    • Whose balloon rocket travels the furthest?

    We will end the lesson by reading Roaring Rockets by Tony Mitton and Ant Parker.

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