Reply To: Module 5 – Rockets & Alien Chemistry

Deirdre Leonard

    After doing this course I have been motivated to participate in Science week and encourage my colleagues to do the same. In studying Module 4 and 5 I was reminded of how I loved science myself and this was cemented by a visit to Cape Canaveral many years ago. I will do a series of lessons on Rockets incorporating other curricular areas.

    I will use 2 books as a stimulus

    • The Hundred Decker Rocket by Mike Smith
    • Roaring Rockets by Tony Mitton

    I would then elicit what the children know about rockets and each child would make their own rocket. I may also set up stations and do a couple of experiments when I have extra bodies in the classroom-

    Rocket: using Alka Seltzer or Vitamin C tablets

    Balloon Rocket

    Design their own rocket- These rockets would also be launched and I would have the children ensure it was a fair test.

    I was very impressed with the Science week website and I will definitely visit this again when we are studying space.

    I was also reminded of the test with the balloon and the baking soda and vinegar. I conducted this experiment years ago and I bad forgotten how much fun we had when we were doing it.

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