Reply To: Module 5 – Rockets & Alien Chemistry

Laura Reidy

    I love teaching about space and rockets in my classroom. Most of my teaching experience has been in junior classes so from my experience, I would start with showing my class videos of rockets being launched. We would discuss what’s happening, what the rocket looks like, shape, materials etc. I would then introduce the rocket mice activity. This activity would need a lot of advance preparation in terms of collecting empty milk cartons but the children could work in pairs on this activity, make logistics a bit easier. We would create our rocket mice and then have a countdown and all launch our rockets at the same time. I would then question the children about what happened, what they observed and what made the mice move. I would then extend the activity by asking can they predict what might happen if we use a larger or smaller container. We could then try this out and compare our findings. There is so much scope for discussion with this activity and it is a lovely way to introduce rockets and forces at infant level. I always enjoy showing the children videos on YouTube of astronaut Chris Hadfield. He posts lots of short videos about life in space and how astronauts eat, sleep exercise and so on. It’s an excellent resource and a lovely addition to any lesson on space.

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