Reply To: Module 2 – The Moon, the Earth and the Sun

Stephanie Mc Cann

    To introduce students to the planets in our solar system and to develop their creativity and motor skills through hands-on activities.

    Start with a simple discussion about what the sky looks like at night. Ask questions like, “Have you ever seen the moon? Do you know what a planet is? Can you name any planets?” Using our classroom globe to explain that earth is a planet, like the other planets in our solar system and we live on it. Show them the planet song on youtube, that names each planet and gives them a fact about each one. Every year the children seem to love this song

    Main Activity: To create a Solar System Mobile.
    Demonstrate to the class how to create the mobile and then in small groups, help the children assemble a solar system mobile. Children use a large piece of cardboard or a paper plate as the base. Attach strings to hang the planets that they painted and cut out in their relative positions around the “sun” (a larger yellow painted circle). After creating their mobile children can discuss the order of the planets from the sun and their relative sizes and if they can remember any facts about any of the planets.

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