Reply To: Module 2 – The Moon, the Earth and the Sun

Katie-Jo O’Grady

    Topic – The Moon

    I would sit the children in a circle and send a feely bag around the group. Inside the bag would be a replica of the moon. The children must feel what is inside and describe what they think it could be. We would listen to one another and record similar thoughts or ideas.

    I would then get the children to close their eyes and listen in order to receive their second clue. I would then play the moon landing sound only.

    After this we would come to the conclusion that perhaps it is a moon inside the feely bag. I would be remove it and we would discuss what we have learned about its appearance e.g. its spherical shape and crater indents etc.

    We would then use little tubs of flour and different size ping pong balls to create our own crater forms and explore how they differ in size.

    Finally using clay we would roll them into spheres, and push spherical smaller items into them to create craters. Once dry we would paint and display.

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