Reply To: Module 1 – The Curious Minds/ESERO Framework

Katie-Jo O’Grady

    Hi everyone, I’m Katie-Jo and have been teaching infants for a number of years. This coming September I will be teaching junior & senior.

    My favourite space fact would be that you can fit 1 million Earths inside of the sun. I think it really heals visualise the scale.


    I absolutely love enquiry based learning and I feel that the problem solving and idea that come from it are never something you could have planned for.

    A lesson I thoroughly enjoy is exploring materials and specifically waterproof materials. We explore some materials that may or may not change within water first to create a discussion. I always have a sample few materials at the ready but kids can choose things from around the classroom.

    We then look at the materials that did not change in water, explore pouring water over them etc usually a child will use the word ‘waterproof’ then we discuss what this means? why do we need waterproof materials? we think of times we’ve used waterproof materials eg on the farm wearing wellys and in the rain using umbrellas.

    I then introduce Teddy – he wants to go to the farm but doesn’t want his beautiful fluffy feet getting wet and has asked the children to help him solve this problem.

    Kids then problem solve as to how he could walk through the mucky pig pen or go to the pond to feed the ducks without getting wet.

    We then use our knowledge gained from our materials and change experiment to create welly boots and a coat. Children test materials and record results then together we create a farm proof outfit for Teddy that we have tested and are sure will keep him dry. I then take Teddy to my family farm and share images of him in his waterproof materials nears the pigs and the pond.

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