Reply To: Module 1 – The Curious Minds/ESERO Framework

Corinna Carolan

    Hi, my name is Corinna.  I’ve been working in SEN the last few years.  Two of the children I work with in a 1 – 1 capacity have a great interest in space and I’m hoping what I learn here I can use to engage their interests next year.

    My space fact is that over 1 million earths could fit into our sun!

    Inquiry- based activity: Which ball is the bounciest?

    Engage – Prompt question: We’re going to work on our bouncing and catching skills in PE.  Which balls do you think will be bouncy and good for us to use.  Show children a selection of balls – sponge, plastic, tennis, rubber, Play Dough ball etc

    Investigate – Children get to feel materials, discuss, predict, conduct a fair experiment

    Next step – talk about tennis games and which ball they use and why, balls are replaced when they lose their bounciness etc

    Reflect –  on my objectives, children’s progress and use of correct language, what went well?, what would I change? etc

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