Reply To: Module 2 – The Moon, the Earth and the Sun

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    we’ve used the make the Moon and the Earth from playdoh for years — often with older children. It is really interesting to see them trying to work out how to divide the playdoh evenly. If they don’t start to figure it out, I suggest rolling a cylinder and then using a ruler to measure the length and to cut off the smallest amount.

    Very open maths activity.

    I adapted it from here:

    which also has the whole solar system to scale.

    The mind blower for most children (and their teachers) is putting the scale Earth-Moon to the correct distance apart (at the same scale). Most have the Moon very close to the Earth – usually no more than 3  Earth diameter’s away, so when they are told it is 30 Earth diameter’s away there really  is some head scratching.

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