Reply To: Module 5 – Rockets & Alien Chemistry

Michelle O Mahony

    I would like to try the ‘rocket mouse’ activity set with Junior Infants, I think it is pitched perfectly to that class group. It also needs very little preparation and resources. The empty bottles can be found in recycling, and can bee used more than once so each child wouldn’t need one. I imagine I would be doing this lesson during our Aistear theme of Space, so there would be already plenty of engaging stories, videos, discussions around rockets and rocket launches. Integrating art, the children could also decorate their mice before the launch. Sitting in a circle, the children could then take turns launching their rocket mouse, counting down to blast off each time. After each child has had a turn, there can be questioning and discussion about how far each rocket went, how could you make them go further? What is making the mouse life off? To extend the learning further, you could use different size bottles with one mouse, and see which bottle launches the mouse the furthest. To conclude the lesson, the children could record their findings in a first, next, then document.

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