Reply To: Module 2 – The Moon, the Earth and the Sun

Rachel Byrne

    I would chose to carry out the ‘Sun and Shadow’s’ set activity with my Junior infants. To engage all children in the lesson at hand I would show the children a picture/video of the sun and ask them open-ended questions on what they see etc., In groups the children will discuss all they know about the sun/shadows to elicit their prior knowledge. To carry out this inquiry based activity the class teacher would need to ensure that it is a bright/sunny day. Before setting outside to be a scientist I would show the children some chalk and would question the children as to what we might be carrying out or why we are using chalk etc., (posing some curiosity within the classroom). Children would work in mixed ability groups (all children having a job/role within the group i.e. observer, scribe, materials manager etc., Each group will create different shadows (fun/silly movements etc.,) because of the suns facing and they will trace around these shadows with some chalk. Depending on the class, I would model what I would like the children to carry out or I would let the children explore for themselves the sun/shadows whatever way they wish. Whilst the children are carrying out their investigation I will facilitate their learning by asking open-ended questions etc., By the end of the activity as a group we will reflect on our learning by consolidating through oral discussion or by creating a drawing in our math/visual art lesson of what shadows and shapes we came up with in our groups.

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