Reply To: Module 2 – The Moon, the Earth and the Sun

Profile photo ofmarymc21@gmail.comMary McNamara

    As an infant teacher, I loved how accessible all the lessons in this module were. I could easily see myself using any one of them with my group of Junior and Senior infants. I know the Paxi video was for older children, but it would really appeal to my higher achievers too. However, my favourite lesson was the Earth mosaic. It is such a collaborative way of discovery about the curvature of the earth. Children already have an awareness of the structure particularly in the west of Ireland (grass, soil, rocks, and then theoretical magma). I can very easily see my pupils designing these pages and then discovering that they lay out into a circle. It is such a good representation of how the earth may appear flat from one point of view, but when you take it as a whole, it is curved. With the right materials (card, string, staples), you could even begin to build a giant mobile, that would begin to demonstrate the spherical nature of the earth!

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