Reply To: Module 2 – The Moon, the Earth and the Sun

Sean Flanagan

    Spherical Earth:

    I really liked the ‘Earth Mosaics’ activity which aims to highlight to the children that there is no real ‘up and down’. I would teach this activity to second class. Space is something which children in second class have great interest in and are amazed by. Often, children find it hard to visualise earth as a sphere and I have answered questions on people being upside down many times before. In my own classroom, I have a large world map on the wall which sometimes can confuse children into seeing the earth as flat. The earth mosaic is a great starting point when teaching about earths spherical nature as it creates a visual for the children to see earth as a sphere from different viewpoints but also that it is not a perfect sphere and what is below the earths surface. This could be expanded to use a globe or a ball to demonstrate the shape of the Earth. Discuss how the Earth looks from space and explain how its round shape affects day and night.

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