Reply To: Module 1 – The Curious Minds/ESERO Framework

susan molloy

    As a reply to this post, introduce yourself on the forum and share your favourite space fact. Then add a reflection (150 words min) on how you would use one inquiry-based activity in your classroom


    A lesson that I did before in school was asking the children to find a new home for an alien in space. We talked about what time of home he was looking for, his family members that were also coming with him and the type of environment he would like to live in. This naturally led to research about the different planets. I find it a great lesson to open up conversations about the different planets also there is a huge amount of cross curricular scope. geography for different types of homes, art- designing and creating a home, creating planets etc. There is also scope for this lesson to lead to group work research. Assign a planet to each group and they research which planet would be best for the alien to live on, each group present their ideas and research to the class. I have always found this lesson particularly enjoyable and the kids love it!


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