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Irene Lynch

    Introduction: Ask your class what they see when they look up in the sky at night. Talk about how they see stars.
    Wondering: What are stars made of, how do they light up the night sky. Explain to your students that stars are made up of gas and that’s how they light up the night sky.
    Starter Question: Show students the cover of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. Have students make predictions about what the story will be about. Record the answers.
    The Lesson:  Explain to the students that today they are going to make their very own starry night scene. Give each child a piece of paper, paintbrushes and paint. They children can choose to paint their page either black or blue. After the paint has dried, pass the paintings back out to your children. Pass out star stencils and crayons. Allow the children to place stars of various colours on their skies.
    Interpreting results: Look at all the pictures, ask the children about the differences and remind them that the sky looks different for every person, why? Are the in a different country, time zone?
    This lesson could be extended with phases of the moon.

    Teacher reflection with the class

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