Reply To: Module 1 – The Curious Minds/ESERO Framework

Deirdre Tiernan

    Inquiry Based Activities are magical when they can be instigated. While I have been successful at creating them in the past, the step by step approach that is available thanks to ESERO is very useful. As an infant teacher, we choose a monthly theme. The themes include Space, Under the Sea and In the Garden. I will use this approach to drive the theme. With effective stimuli’s children usually seize control of their learning and start to research topics at home, write about it in their free writing copy and play imaginatively during Small World and Dramatic Play. I will provide further information, vocabulary, praise and enthusiasm to help the children continue on their learning trajectory. Children love to present their knowledge. I find in particular, they enjoy creating a project or piece of writing and showing it to their peers or other teachers. It is important that the children’s enthusiasm and work is validated.

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