Reply To: Module 1 – The Curious Minds/ESERO Framework

Carol anne Savery

    Class : Junior Infants


    The Trigger: Tell the children I am going to show them a magic trick. Using a ‘boat’ constructed from  paper with a paperclip attached to the bottom on a piece of paper and a magnet on the bottom. Use the magnet to move the boat .

    Wondering : Think/ pair /share  on how the boat moved.

    Exploring : In groups children use magnets to move boats


    Starter question: What other materials do magnets attract?

    Predicting: Looking at the materials provided – plastic bottle tops, card, coins, metal dinky cars, plastic topper, pencils , scissors.

    Conducting the investigation: In small groups (each with set of magnets and materials) take one material at a time and see if it will stick to the magnet.

    Sharing : using two large signs on the ground for each group ask the children to sort the materials into those that magnets will attract and those they do not.

    Taking the next step:

    Applying Learning:

    What other materials could we use to attach to the bottom of the boats to make them move?

    Children attach other metallic objects to the ‘boats’ to make them move when the magnet is under the paper.

    Teacher reflection

    How did this activity go?

    What improvements could I make?

    Were the learning objectives actualised?


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