Reply To: Module 2 – The Moon, the Earth and the Sun

Criona Corroon

    Activity – The Moon.
    I would begin with a trigger: Show a captivating image of the moon.
    • Then I would ask questions like, “What do you see?” or “Why does the moon change shape?”
    • Hopefully this would encourage curiosity and wonder.
    We would look at: Moon Phases.
    We could discuss the different phases of the moon .
    If it was winter time and possible, the children for homework could observe the moon over several nights and record its changing shape(draw)
    This would lead nicely to – Moon Art .
     Use paper, markers, and glue.
     Make each moon phase (e.g., crescent, full moon) and arrange them in order.
     Label them and discuss their significance.
    I would try to reinforce the concept of monthly moon phases by looking at a moon phase calendar:
     Use a calendar marked with moon phases.
     Identify upcoming new moons.
     Use stickers to mark the dates.
    To reflect we would discuss what students learned about the moon .I might ask questions like:
    “Why does the moon change shape?”
    “How can we observe moon phases?”

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