Reply To: Module 1 – The Curious Minds/ESERO Framework

Alyson O Rourke

    An inquiry based activity to explore the different distances to the Sun based on planet location in 2nd class.

    I would introduce the lesson by showing the children a photograph of the different planets. I would question the children on the distance of each Planet to the Sun.
    Questioning: would occur surrounding closest planets to the sun and furthest away planets and how this could effect the planet.
    Questioning would also provide me with an opportunity to elicit the children’s prior knowledge on the planets and the Sun.
    Next, I would call up different children and provide them with a photograph of a planet. The children need to rearrange themselves in order of closest and furthest away to the sun.
    The other children would then be provided with distance in kilometeres on cards.
    Together, the children need to predict which distance corresponds to which planet.
    Seeing the children stand at the top of the classroom with the planet pictures would help and this activity would also encourage co-operative learning and teamwork.
    Throughtout the lesson, the teacher would question the children on their choices and ask them to explain their reasoning.
    At the end of the lesson, the teacher will call out the distance with the correct planet.
    This lesson incorporates Maths and measures. It also provides endless opportunites for integration.

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