Reply To: Module 1 – The Curious Minds/ESERO Framework

Ursula OConnor

    An inquiry based lesson for Infant classes – Exploring the planet Jupiter.

    -Warm up introduction with familiar song to the class: The Solar System Song

    1. Ask the children to listen to the song again with just the excerpt about Jupiter – this time trying to recall a new fact they have heard.

    2.Gather the children in a circle and introduce the topic of Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system. Show pictures or models of Jupiter and ask if anyone has heard of it before.

    3. Using different sized balls, create a planet earth and planet jupiter to show the children an idea of the size difference.

    4.Practical exploration: Using Playdough or clay, children engage in making a planet Jupiter and the largest moon – with volcano.Discuss the size and features of Jupiter as they create their playdough planets.

    5.Looking at images of Jupiter from – discussing how it looks, describing by size, colour, texture words.

    6.Read “Jupiter, the gassy giant” aloud in circle time with the class. Encourage the children to listen for interesting facts about Jupiter and ask questions about what they have learned.

    7. Practise singing the Jupiter facts from the Solar system song. Pairwork – in twos ask pupils to share a fact they know with a friend/ Share their favourite fact with the class.



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