John Merrins

Kildare integration network are my most local organisation working with refugees within my local community. I teach within this area also; I feel there are many opportunities for us as a whole school community to link with this organisation and help people who are using this network. I feel the first step which should be taken would be to ask a guest speaker from this organisation alongside someone who is getting support from the organization to come and speak to some of the older classes within the school. the site where many are seeking refuge is clear to be seen within the town however, I feel many students don’t have a clear understanding of the terms associated with the integration network. I personally feel this would be a big step in breaking barriers and allowing those who move into the area become more involved in community life in turn allowing children to settle quicker in the area by getting involved in clubs and societies. Finally, we as a 6th class group we regularly organise cake sales to fund different events or donate to local charities, we could organise a bake sale and donate the funds to the integration network to aid their work.

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