John Merrins

The Sustainable Development Goal that I have chosen is, clean water and Sanitation I have decided to look at this goal as hygiene has been a huge issue within the classroom environment during recent years due to covid, because of this I feel students have become more aware of their own hygiene within the classroom environment. I feel that they may grasp the ideologies behind this lesson easier as they have all followed school policies in recent years. I feel students would be able to make comparisons between their own school environment and that of a school environment which may be less privileged and may not have the same clean water and sanitation access that we do in our school. This lesson could be incorporated into a fair-trade geography lesson. Students could research the topic further using class iPads and desktops while working in groups to gather information. I would hope from research students would become aware of the importance of clean water and how we should be putting plans in place within our school to minimise our waste of clean water while also looking at ways in which we could recycle water. For example, students could be tasked with collecting rainwater for watering plants around the school.

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