Sarah Farrell

It is vitally important for schools to introduce the topic of refugees and migration to the school and its pupils. Inside the classroom, there are many opportunities to engage with the topic and it would be very beneficial to engage in projects to discuss how best to welcome potential refugees to the class. A very simple way would be to compare Ireland to the child’s home country with regards to food, culture, dress etc. On a school level, apart from raising funds through different activities, I feel like posters, presentations and awareness of refugees and migration is a very important step to engage the school community. Of course, there is no better way to empathise with refugees and their situation they find themselves in, other than to invite them in to speak in fron tof the school. It would also allow children to ask questions that they would feel important. As mentioned by others, groups like the Irish refugee council are available to invite guest speakers to school to raise awareness.

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