Lorraine Cleary

Siobhán the approach you have described through Aistear sounds an excellent strategy for handling inequality in gender roles in Junior and Senior and in some schools Aistear is also taught in First class. I agree that when children reach secondary school attitudes may be hard to change. But hopefully if we were to thoroughly embrace the challenge as a school wide approach we could come up with good strategies that are age appropriate for 2nd through 6th. Using the lessons plans provided through this module will be a huge help, but getting all teachers on board in a school to tackle gender equality consistently and throughout each year, the way Aistear is engaged all the way through a year will be a big challenge. Finding activities that happen very regularly throughout the year re-enforcing the lessons taught from this module are needed for the older classes. But if successful, by the time they reach secondary school, their positive gender equality attitudes by both boys and girls, will hopefully be strongly embedded to carry them through.

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