Patrycja Mazurczak

I have chosen to discuss Goal 3: Health and Well Being. I have chosen this goal as I think it is a big component of not just childhood but life in general. It should be a big focus in school life as it is vital to gain knowledge early on in the aspects of health and well being as well as skills necessary to implement this knowledge. Obesity, poor diets and increased anxiety levels are amongst some of the issues affecting children today.

As teachers we can enable them to support this goal by being positive role models and promoting healthy eating habits, mindfulness and meditation, physical activity etc. We can also encourage children to participate in programmes such as Friends for Life and the Amber Flag to promote better mental health and social skills. I would hope that by educating children around these topics and facilitating them to create solutions in addressing those issues it would allow them to apply it in other contexts outside of school eg home.

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