Vivienne Doyle

Climate change is impacting my local area with recent rainfall in Cork. With July being reported the wettest July on record. This is impacting the local area as there has been reports of burst pipes, flooding and power cuts. The recently published TRANSLATE climate projections, optimised for Ireland, indicate future increases in average annual temperature and rainfall, as the climate continues to warm
I would engage and motivation my students to investigate climate change by bringing them on field trips to witness the effects of climate change in our community. I would come up with activities that help the students to raise awareness of Climate Change in our area. I would try to organise that the class/school could also speak with local experts on the effects of climate change on our town.

Here are three things I can do to help make the world a better place and limit climate change.I could participate in my community. I can help by volunteering with a climate change organisation or writing to my political authorities about the necessity of taking action on climate change. I would like to help out with Tidy Towns. I could work on reduce my environmental impact for example my carbon footprint. This can be accomplished by driving less, taking public transit, and recycling.Another small but effective action I could do would be to turn off lights/switches when they are not in use.

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