Patrycja Mazurczak

Climate change is impacting the local area in a number of ways. I live near the coast and the effects of climate change can be seen in coastal and river flooding, water quality warnings, intense weather conditions ranging from heavy rainfall to prolonged periods of dry conditions. To engage primary school pupils, I would promote open discussions about climate change. This can be accomplished by looking at weather charts, examining changes in ecosystems and participating in local events eg beach clean ups.

Theee actions I would promote in a primary school classroom to make the world a better place and slow down climate change are:

-Creating a school garden and encouraging others to plant more trees while also using this are for composting

– Comsume less, recycle more and reduce energy consumption by assigning someone to be an “energy saver” each week/researching and promoting renewable energy sources eg solar power to raise awareness about their benefits and advocating for clean energy policies nation wide

-Make an effort each day to use public transport/walk/cycle to school

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