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Aoibhin O’Neill

The activity that I would use with my senior infants class is making rockets as I feel this is a great hands-on activity that the children in my class would love. As an introduction and trigger for this activity I would use the book ‘Roaring Rockets’ by Tony Mitton. There is a nice read aloud for this on youtube.

I would then get the children to make the rocket mice featured in this module. After we had made the rockets I would allow the children to try and figure out how they work in groups. We would then discuss what made the mice fly like a rocket. I would use questioning such as ‘what makes the mice go higher?’, ‘why is this?’, ‘what is making them move?’. I would let the children then see which group could make their rocket travel the highest.

This experiment offers great opportunities for integration with maths and art and is a brilliant chance for oral language development.

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